I am an asshole……

And I am not even being sarcastic……I am a huge asshole.

I am probably one of the luckiest ppl on the face of the planet.  I have a husband who fucking adores me, and what do I do…….I take him for granted.

He would literally move mountains for me, and I have gotten so wrapped up in my own head……that I have made him feel like he is no longer important, that I no longer want him, that I no longer adore him.

I fucking adore this man……I mean fucking adore him……The last few month, probably more like 6 months, I have made him feel like shit.

I love this man.  I love him more than I have ever loved anyone, but I have allowed everything to come before him.  EVERYTHING!!!  I am a dick.

What the hell am I doing?!?!?  What the hell am I doing to my sweet, kind, loving husband?!?!  Turning him into a fucking basket case that is what I am doing….

Today, I am changing all that.  Today I am putting my King first, back up on his pedestal, where he belongs!!

Cause honestly I do not give a fuck about anything but this man!!  Everything else is just bullshit.  He is what matters.  I do not give a fuck about bending over backwards for anyone.  Except him!!!

He is the only person in my life that deserves it!!!

He makes me happy, and I do not even show him that anymore.  I am short with him, I am disrespectful to him, and I am def. not submissive to him like I should be.  Yes, I can say it, I have been treating my poor King like shit.  Taking everything out on him, like he did something to me.    He has never done a thing to me except love the hell out of me.

So to my King, my loving King!!!  I am truly sorry!  I am truly sorry I let the world get the best of me!!  I am truly sorry I am an asshole!!  I should be your sweet submissive.

I am, my King!!!  For this very second to the day I take my last breathe, I am your sweet submissive.  I feel so much pain and guilt for the heartache that I have caused you.

You deserve more…..you deserve to have me back the way I was.

I will show you everyday, how much I adore you.  I will show my King everyday that he is the love of my life.

I am sorry I have been the biggest stressed out asshole!!!

All that will be different…..I promise!

Stay Sticky my AMAZING WONDERFUL King!!!

I love you more than you will ever know.  You are my happy.

Please forgive me of my short comings.

Only new better days ahead my, my Love.

I promise!!!

It is FUCKING AMAZING to be queen!!!!



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