without god….

It is almost impossible to find a blog or info on being a submissive wife, without it all circling around god.

It is either all about submitting because god says that is what wives should do, or it is the other extreme and it is all BDSM…..Is there a happy medium…..

I am not submissive to my husband because god says I should…..I don’t even believe in god……and even though the BDSM submission is fun and exciteing it is not what I want either.

I love to submit to my husband because it makes me feel good.  I want to submit to my husband because it makes him feel good, and it is a gift I only give to him.

I am confused right now…..I am submissive I always have been, it is in my nature….it is how I believe women should be to their husbands.  I believe I was born in the wrong Era…..I am an old soul.  I want to serve my husband.

Where is the medium…..where is the center between godly and BDSM???

I am just confused now, I love it….but I want it different.

It’s good to be queen



One thought on “without god….

  1. Submission is whatever u want it to be for whatever reasons it works for you. It is more meaningful when it’s “organic” and not based in religion or societal expectations. It simply is what you want for yourself. Good for you!


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