These are a few of my favorite things…

Shoes!!!  I love shoes!!  And I made these!

Giving!  I love to give gifts.  Especially homemade treats.

Cleaning!  I love cleaning!!  I have OCD, cleaning is my therapy!

Taking baths!  One of my most favorite things.  I love relaxing in the bath.

Starbucks!!  I am addicted!  Best coffee ever!!

My job!!  I get to be a nanny for these monkeys!!  Love them!!

Cooking!!!  I love to cook!!!  I love feeding ppl!!

My crazy cats…. Jesse Pinkman ( the one hanging on the toilet) and Chubs.

When all our kids snuggle up in our bed to watch TV.

Patron!!!  I love it!!

I love that our kids love feeding the homeless!

My wedding ring!  The only ring I wear.  I love it!!

My husband!!  The love of my life! He is my best friend, my love, my King, my safe place, my person, he is home.

Our kids!!  Our family!!  I love the 8 of them more than anyone else.  They are the most important ppl in the world to me!  I am lucky to have each and everyone of them!!


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