I need you to help me…

So all the weirdos…aka our kids, are at their other parents house this weekend.  So we are just hanging out drinking some beers, I am reading blogs.  An he is playing his favorite video game ever Rachet and Clank……OK first let me say, no I do not mind him playing video games.  Because he hardly plays them, they are not his priority, they are few and far between and just for fun…..

Ok with that being said, watching my husband play a video game is hilarious!!  He gets so into it.  Just like one of our kids.  He is like he turns into a12 year old…a swearing beer drinking 12 year old, but yes a 12 year.   So he is playing this game and he stops me from what I am doing and says “hey, Baby I want you to watch this with me……so I do….I am watching a video game….I have no clue what is happening….I have no clue what he is talking about, but I watch.

When it is over I say, ” ok what was the point of me watching that?” Then it dawns on me that there was no point…or that the point was he wanted me watching so I would not be talking….lol…well played my love.

For some reason my King likes when I squeeze his fingernails, umm like press on the nail beds…..he says it feels good and it realives stress.

Do a little while later he says, “Hey baby, I need you to do something…..I need  you to squeeze my fingernails…….I have a big race and it is stressing me out……

A big race???

A big race?!?!  On Rachet and Clank the video game???  I am seriously about to piss myself….this has got to be one of the funniest things he has ever asked me to do.

And, yes of course I did it …..and of course he won the race, cause I guess I am kind of his good luck charm….lol

So then I am thinking “damn, he is always telling me I need to blog more…..So I think, Yeah I am going to blog about our night and how my husband turns into a 12 year old when the power comes on the PS4….

This is the life!!  And it totally beats going out to the bar anyday……plus its cold….BURRRR….I like to be inside in the winter!

it’s fun to be queen!


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