All of you know that I am married… husband is my number 1….always.

We do have 7 children together….well not really together, his and hers, but I hate the word step anything.  He is adam to mine I am martie to his…but they are all brothers and sisters….no step brother ect… get the point.

I have given birth to 4 of my children, and the other three were given to me.  But they are all the same to me.  They are all equal….I know I know, how can I possible love them all the same.  Because I have a huge heart and I chose to be n there lives, I chose them….that makes them pretty damn special in my book.

I hate when family excludes some of them just because they are Step kids.  And because they have not known them as long.    If anyone ever thought they were going to treat one of them better than the other just because of who’s blood they have…’s bullshit!

Trying to make a family here, and outside influence show up to to try to tell us….oh all the kids are not equal ….these ones are better than yours cause they have my blood.

I have a daughter who is 20 years old who I have had from birth, and I do not hold her higher than my new daughter who is 13 years old who I have known a year.

You know why, cause they are BOTH my daughters…..BOTH of them!!!

I will never understand ppl that get married and then do not treat all the children the same… is not better than the other….

We are trying to build a family here……but I guess some ppl are so small minded that they can not even think of the hurt that they will cause a child because of their “blood lines” theory!!

Well fuck blood lines….the only ppl that have the same blood as me are 4 of my kids, but that in no way shape or for makes them better or more worthy than the other three.

I guess this is just one of the things I will never understand….EVER….

My husband is returning the card to his grandma, made a point to remind her of the other 5 kids that exsit in his life.

So he is doing what is right,,,,,I am just frustrated that so many ppl do what is wrong.

Just backward thinking…..2016 ppl!!!  20 fucking 16!!!!!




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