It’s a date….

 have a fabulous amazing life….. seriously, I am one lucky, lucky girl.

We are having a “Date Weekend” it all started yesterday when I got home from work.  We went to dinner at red lobster, and then we came home and watched some movies….the x rated kind…it was fun!  And we had some pretty amazing sex, god damn my King sure does know how to fuck his queen!  

This morning we woke up early and went and had breakfast at our favorite breakfast place “Anna’s House” it is sooooooo good.  Then we went to the grocery store, got drinks for tonight.  My King took me to the mall he bought me a new hair clip and new, super sexy tights…I love them!!

After the mall we came home to put away groceries and so my King could change…we hare having unusually warm weather in Michigan for it being the end of October, usually by now we have snow.  But today my King wore shorts and flip flops….I am not complaining, cause I hate winter.

Then we were off to another one of our favorite spots, the downtown market!!  I love this place, it has awesome vendors and amazing food and drinks….we got some loose tea, and a new beer to try, it made with oysters, we got a Chipotle Vodka we have in bloody Mary’s….and my Kings favorite, smoked whitefish spread…..

Now we are home and I am soaking in the tub.  My King is watching the Michigan/Michigan State football game.  Then we are going to nap, and get ready for tonight.  We are going to a strip club!!  I am so excited…I have a super sexy dress that I am wearing with my new super sexy tights.  I LOVE getting all done up for my King!  I can not eait to go tonight.  He even said that he was going to buy me a lap dance….YAY!!!

It’s good to be queen


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