How sweet it is….

Well life is pretty damn great!!  One good decision lead to AMAZING things!!  I feel like I am free.  To be who I am….not who I was pretending to be.  Since I have said good bye to my past…..BTW..GOOD RIDDANCE….I have felt so awesome!  I am one million times more in love with my King!  We joined an online social network with ppl like us….in our lifestyle.  It has been so fucking awesome!  I have never felt so free…….so FUCKING free!!

I feel like I have a whole world of ppl surrounding me that think like we do!  I feel open and feel like I can just be me!  Cause that is all I ever want to be… His!!  I was born to be His!!  I can not believe how much this has opened me up.  I know everything happens at the right time…..too bad the right time was 38 years later!  But at least it finally came!!! I have never been more in love in my entire life.  He is my everything.  He is what I want out of the world.

So this social network site, is great….I can post racy pics, and even videos!  And it is all 100% ok!  Like it is expected.  Like I get to be who I am….cause I am who I am…weird I know…I can not really explain it….except for it feels really fucking good…..facebook for the “weird ones”.

The best part is I get to be super sexual, and get to see my King post the pictures of me that he loves…..I don’t know why…but it feels good!!  Really good!

I can finally be ME!!!  YAY!!!!




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