Piano Man….uh…woman…

So my last birthday present showed up yesterday!  I am so excited.  It is so amazing!!  I still can not believe that I get to learn how to play the piano!!  I was texting with our 12 year old daughter yesterday.  She has been taking piano for almost 4 years so she is going to help me learn.  Last night she text me and told me she can not wait to hear me play “Imagine, by John Lennon”  My all time favorite song!!

So that made me feel really good that she said that.

All the kids come home tonight!!  YAY!!  I can not wait to see them all!!  Been missing them soooo much!!  I am super excited to see all of them tey to play the piano, and I am really really excited to see our daughter play…..it will be my very first time hearing her play the piano!!  So excited about that!!!  YAY!!



It’s good to be queen!


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