You say it’s your birthday…..

My Birthday……was….well it was damn near perfect!!  I don’t know how I could ever be happier, but I am.  Every day with my King is better than the one before!

So the birthday festivities started Thursday night, Adam let me open my gifts early.  He really out did himself!!  The first present I opened was our King and Queen sweatshirts that I wanted for our honeymoon!!  I was so excited to get these!!  And even though it was crazy hot out I still wore it the rest of the night.

Than came my second gift…..And this one did it, the most amazing gift I have ever got!  My King got me piano lessons!!  I am so excited!!  I start when we get back from our honeymoon!!  I can not wait I have always wanted to play the piano!  I also get a new keyboard to practice on!


YAY!!!  I cried when I opened it, Adam made a video….it is pretty epic!  It was a great gift!  My King is so thoughtful!!

Friday we got up and went to work as usual, we got home went and had a pre birthday dinner at Chipotle, and then went shopping for groceries for the birthday party.  We got home and we got all the food prepped while getting to hang out with each other.  And remember we are still at the No Kissing for 48 hours… we had fun working around that!  We had some beers had an amazing time with each other and got pretty tipsy….It was a fantastic night with my king.

Saturday morning…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  I love my birthday!!  I love celebrating it, I love that it is in August, the weather is always awesome….I just love my birthday… favorite holiday….my birthday and Halloween!      Well I woke up Saturday with a bit of a hang over……..yup should not have drank that much the night before……we just laid around most of the morning, Adam made me breakfast!  He is so sweet. I took a nice long hot bath, I got my birthday present from our oldest daughter, it was so sweet it was a really nice card and a heart pentant necklace!  Oh so beautiful!!  We decided it would be a good idea to take a nap, I was still feeling pretty rough, my head was pounding….so we took a nap…..for 4 hours!!  Did not mean to sleep that long but I needed it because I felt great after.  Interesting thing happened during out nap.  Adam was woke by something…some thing that startled him because he jump up and ran to the window and the tree by our balcony was bent over almost toughing the balcony.  We were in the middle of a storm….a full on windy raining huge storm all with a tornado!!  It was pretty crazy, so we went back to sleep and woke up to no power….and trees down everywhere…the neighbors had a tree fall on their car it was crazy!!

Tress down in the backyard. But I was still having my party with or without power….my headache was gone and I felt great!  So we got ready for the party!!!

It was the best birthday party ever!!  We had so much fun….Franco and Madison came over to help us celebrate.  We drank and played cards against humanity by candle light!  We just had an awesome time!  By one a.m. we were all done …it was bedtime.  My King and I headed to bed and boom….what do you know the power comes back on. But we we were tired and we didn’t care, Franco was already passes out in the living room….and the rest of us were pretty tired!  

Woke up this morning feeling awesome….Franco treated us to his awesome biscuits and gravy….me and my bitch…that is my Nick name for Madison.  She is my bitch and I am hers…hahaha…I love Jesse Pinkmen!!!  Breaking bad!!  

The guys went to the sporting foods store to look at guns, and we got to sit home talk (girl talk). And have coffee….it was an awesome visit!!  So glad they could come over!!  

And now it is just my King and I and he is waiting for me to give him a pedicure……so he shall wait no longer!  

It’s good to be queen!  



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