Movie head…..

Happy Official 39th Birthday to me!!  12:20 am Michigan time……hanging out with my king, listening to music, kissing, talking, touching……but doing all this compele;y drunk.  So I told Adam I wanted to blog more…..which he is fine with because he is making the 39 signs for my birthday……I asked him to help me blog about something raceier…so he gave me a few ideas and here we are…….Movie Head…..

My King likes when I give him head when we are watching a show or a movie….we will just be watching and I will casually just be sucking on his cock.

Movie head is actually one of my most favorite things….I love just sitting there with my head in his lap, sucking his dick….no pressure of cumming….just licking and sucking…..just to make him feel good.  My King loves affection, which I am more than happy to give him.  I love this man with all my heart I will do anything he wants!

Home is not a place for me….home is my King, wherever he is at is home…..he is my home, my safe place in this world.

I could not live life with out my king!  I am happy to do anything that makes him feel good and like a man.  I am his submissive, I have devoted my life to him.  What my king wants my king gets!

He treats me like a queen….I am the most important in his life….I know this!!  I know my Kings love for me!  He takes care of me….he is what I need always!

Sorry I got a little off track….I said I was drunk….lol

I lova my King!!!  Sparky you have my heart for now and forever!!

It’s good to be queen!


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