Burning Man??..NO..burning vagina…

So tonight we are hanging out together….Drinking…cooking…just really enjoying this night together.

Now tomorrow is my birthday, so we are prepping a lot of food tonight for my party tomorrow….I think it is funny that I keep saying party!  Cause it is honestly just one other couple coming over…..But they are really good friends of ours and we have so much fun with them.  So I am very happy that I get to spend my birthday with them.

Well. because it is my birthday I get to pick everything, the food, the music, it is my one….the one day out of 365 days that I claim as mine!.

So the menu for the party, shrimp tacos with cabbage slaw, and my husbands guacamole which is sooo good!!  OMG!!  So delicious!!  It is my favorite thing in the world next to my Grandma’s banana pudding.  So usually he makes this all on his own, he hardly ever lets me help…..but tonight he let me help him stir in the ingredients!  It was so much fun cooking with my King, I love being in the kitchen.  Cooking is one of my most favorite things to do……I love cooking….and any time I can do that with my King I am loving life.

Anywhoo…..we are getting everything chopped up, the onion the garlic the avocados and the jalapeno….. oh that FREAKING jalapeno……

SO a little later in the night we are snuggling up, rubbing, touching, and then my King tells me to take off my panties!  Of course I do so….and he proceeds to finger me…..well lets just say things got HOT!!!  Holy shit…..it was like I was on fire….even though he had washed his hands, the jalapeno oil or what ever the heck it is was still on his hands……yeah and that was HOT!!  So I guess now with my loins on fire (and not for the good reason)  Now I guess no kissing and no sex!!  Well until tomorrow!!  Then this queen is getting her birthday!!!  YAY!!

My king is so good……so fucking loving…..right now as I blog this, he is making signs to hang around the apartment for my birthday!!  This is something we do for the kids on their birthday….How ever many signs you have is how old you are!  Good luck, Adam!!  That is 39 signs this year!

It’s good to be queen!


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