No Kissing….

So in a previous post I talked about how my King was sick and we could not kiss, because I can not get sick.

Well it was so challenging and so much fun figuring out other ways to be affectionate with each other that we decided to do it again….

My birthday is Saturday….the big 39!!  Last night we decided starting this morning no kissing for 48 hours.  I will not get another kiss from my King until the morning of my birthday!  I am really excited about this, it is fun to be affectionate with him in other ways.

It makes it nice that we are both working for the next two days, but the hardest part will be tonight and tomorrow night when we are together, tonight we are going shopping for all the supplies for my birthday party Saturday (I am soooo excited for my party!!) And Friday night will be spent doing all the prep work and getting everything ready for Saturday night.  We kiss A LOT!!  Probably more than most couples.  And we are always kissing when we are doing things together like cooking and shopping, ok we just kiss a lot!

I was told last night, “now, don’t let me kiss you for the next 2 days.”  I love how all the pressure of us sticking to this is on me.  Well it has to be…..I guess I am pretty irresitable….cause my King can never leave his lips off mine….I guess I am him will power! 😉

I love my King!  I am glad that we have a fun life together!!  I am glad we are us, and we found each other, and finally I can just be ME!!!  And I LOVE being HIS!!

It’s good to be queen!


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