My King’s Topic….

So my King gave me a topic that he wanted me to blog about…

How it makes you feel to be submissive to me. Everyday life and in bed.
I makes me feel complete, special, wanted, needed, loved, it makes me feel so much!
I have never known anyone like my King.  He is honestly the most amazing man I have ever known, I hold him on a very high pedestal.  He is kind to me in every way.  He makes me feel super special and important in his life.  I know that I am number 1.  I know that I am the most important person to him.  He makes sure I feel that.  He is very affectionate.  He is very hands on with me.  I remember when we were first dating and we went for a walk, he stopped me in the middle of the street and kissed me.  I remember feeling very special.  I love that he kisses me in public. I love that he shows me affection no matter where we are.
I have always wanted to be with someone like my King, I just never thought he would ever come into my life.  And then he did.  He came into my life in the most unusual way.When we met, and even a year later when we started dating, I did not know he would be my King.  I had no clue.  I feel in love with Adam because of who is  and how big his heart is and how wonderful he treats me and how special he makes me feel.
My submission is something I knew I have always had, by nature I am very submissive.  I am very excited that my submission was so openly accepted to Adam.  And I feel like he has really done everything he can to step into the Dominate role, I feel like under the surface it was always there with Adam.  I just think we needed each other to really awaken the D/s in both of us.  I think it is a super special relationship.  I love how we are both just falling into our roles in our D/s marriage.
I am much more open to blog about the feelings and the way our D/s marriage is outside of the bedroom.  I am actually pretty concervative.  I am very lady like.  So blogging about the feelings I have for my King when we are in the bedroom, or living room, or kitchen, or car, 😉 or wherever we may be.  Is a little out of my comfort zone.  I am perfectly fine talking to my girlfriends but putting this out there for the world…..makes me a little uncomfortable.
But what my King wants my king gets.  And I know this is important to him.  When my King takes me to bed, he makes me feel beautiful and sexy.  He makes me feel wanted.  He takes care of my every need.  He makes me know how good I make him feel.  Sex has never been better.  Sex has never been more open, or more loving.  We try new things together, things I have always wanted to try, but never had a person I felt so comfortable with that I could try them.  But boy oh boy do I feel comfortable with my King.  And I will pretty much do anything he wants to try, and he is very open to knowing what I would like to try.
  I have never felt so complete in every aspect of my life.  I feel wonderful in out D/s marriage, I feel wonderful in the vanilla parts of our life.  My King is a wonderful husband.  He is a wonderful dad.  Not on of us every have to wonder if we are loved.  We know we never have to wonder if we are loved.  He shows us in any way he can.  I have married the man of my dreams.  The man I have always wanted, the father I have always wanted for our children.
I know with my king there is nothing I can not get through.  I know I forever have a partner in life.  I know I forever have someone who will always have my back.  I know that I will always feel loved and worth something.  He is my everything.  He is what I have always wanted.  He is my world.  And I am his world!  We will do anything for each other.  Anything to make each other happy!  We may not be perfect, but together we are pretty damn close, cause we will never give up, we will always fight for what we want, we will always fight for each other.  He is my King.  And he loves me!!!  My King loves ME!!!  And that is the most amazing feeling in the world!!
It’s good to be queen!!!

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