A day in the life…..

I really want this blog to be about day to day life in a D/s marriage.  I feel like I have posted a lot of background info and kind of a lot of info to give insight on who we are as a couple.  But what I was always looking for when I was searching for info was basically….how does it work for other D/s marriages everyday……so here is my first “Day in the life” post…

Wed August 17th, 2016

I have every Wed off work, it works out perfect cause it is my Kings shortest day at work and it is the day we drive north to visit our three boys, while they are at their dad’s house.

Usually in the morning I like to get up with Adam and make him coffee and his lunch…..I really love taking care of him in this way.  But on Wed, that usually does not happen, I like to sleep in on Wed.  And I am so happy he is supportive of that……I always feel a little guilty when I wake up that I did not send him off to work like I usually do.  But it is what it is….he is ok with Wed being like this, and I appreciate that.

I have a pink notebook that my King writes in everyday….ok almost everyday…he will just say what he wants me to wear, what I am to eat, if there are any chores that he would like me to do.  If he doesn’t write it in the book, he will most likely send it in a fb message.

Today my tasks were to relax, pick up the apartment, and to relax some more.  He wanted me to blog today and I was to blog on his topic….which I did.  I have already cleaned up half the apartment….we are not very messy so it does not take long.

I decided I would blog another entry, and then I will finish cleaning up, get myself put together, and then I have been told I am free to do what I want the rest of the afternoon…..including going shopping for a new dress…..YAY!!!  I hate shopping but I love to wear dresses and right now is a good time to get them, end of the season everything is on clearance, and I have a 20% off coupon…..so YAY!!!!

Then tonight after my King is off work I will drive to meet him, and we will go from there to see the boys.  Not sure what we are doing with the little men yet, def dinner, maybe a movie, maybe the park, who knows, and I do not really care I am just happy to get to spend the time with them, and I am so happy that our schedules now work out where my King and I can go together!

Then after that we will have an hour and a half drive home….the car rides with my king are fun….we either listen to music, taking turns picking songs, or we listen to nothing and talk the whole drive.  Car rides are full of touching and rubbing, and we always stop at this one rest area to make out on the way home…..we have even had sex there in the back seat once.  That was fun.  Or if traffic is not to bad a little road head is always an option.

Then home snuggle up together, drink a few beers, no TV tonight cause I need time with my King, and I know he needs to use his queen……I am sure our night will end sweaty and happy!!  And completely satisfied!!  I look forward to each and everyday with my King!!  Life is good…..and…

It is good to be queen!!



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