A little alone time….

Summer is a crazy busy time in our life!  During the school year we have a lot of one on one time with the kids being in school.  But in the summer it is a different story, we go out of our way to make sure we have as much time as possible with the kids.  And working 2 different kid schedules in the summer, sometimes leaves no time to have any alone time.

But it just happened, both of the other parents need the kids this weekend for family get togethers…….so that left my King and I alone……

I don’t even think we realized how much we needed some time together until we got it.  OMG!  It has felt so good spending the last 2 days just reconnecting with him.  It has been nice to just have so much time together to talk and hang out and touch.

My King has a cold right now, and because I am a nanny for little babies, I can not even think about getting sick.  SO there is NO kissing.  This has been the longest we have ever went without kissing each other…..but I can say it has been very interesting,  first seeing how much we actually do kiss each other.  And second, how we have to show affection in other ways…..makes it fun, spices it up……and I am always up for a challenge.  So challenge accepted…..I am having fun being affectionate in a million different ways to my husband!  I think we should start a new no kissing for 48 hours once a month!

I feel very reconnected to my King.  I love kissing him and touching him and just loving on him.  We went to the grocery store this morning and got our groceries for the day…..Oh and he got me Starbucks!!!  YAY!!!  Yes, Starbucks makes me excited!  Or as our 12 year old daughter says, about Starbucks, “This makes me happy!”  And now we are just relaxing at home, we have food, beer, and each other!  We get to do whatever we want!  Listening to music, he is playing a video game, I am sitting next to him blogging. Taking many breaks just to love an each other and touch each other.

My King always tells me how much I spoil him.  I love making him feel happy ….it actually brings me joy.

The weekend was amazing, a lot of one on one time with my King.  A lot of reconnecting time.  I think it was just what we needed.  I love him with all my heart.

It’s good to be queen!


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