I am lucky…..

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I am lucky.  I am married to an amazing man.  He is kind, he is caring, he IS good!!  He is my best friend. He is my King!  I am his, and only his, I am his submissive, I am his queen.  It’s good to be queen!

My name is Martie, I am 38 years old.  Newly married to probably the most amazing man on the planet.  We live a newly developing D/s relationship.  I am submissive by nature, always have been.  I have just never had someone to give my submission too.  After all it is a pretty precious gift.  Until I married my King.  He is most deserving.  My whole life has been full of heartbreak, let downs, and hurt.  Until I met my King!  He changed everything.  Before I felt worthless, and now I feel priceless.  He is pretty damn good to me.  I feel lucky everyday!

Now I do not want anyone to right away get the wrong impression…..life is fantastic…..but not always easy.  I have been looking for a blog that I could relate too with my D/s marriage and also our very vanilla marriage, together we have 7 children, 5 still living at home. So we have a lot of vanilla time also.  I have yet o find anything that was relatable, or that fit our lives (there are a lot of amazing blogs)  So I talked to my King and decided maybe I should write one.  So here I am writing my very first blog entry.  Feels pretty good.  Writing has always been a very good outlet for me.  So I am very excited to be starting this.  And I am very excited my King (his name is Adam) is encouraging me to do so.

But work is calling my name……I am a nanny for 2 very sweet 3 month old twin boys!  I love my job!!

But I wanted to start this at least get something on here.  I am excited to get off work so I can really start writing!!

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